Monday, July 29, 2013

StoneFest 2013
overview of details.... looking back

 Nick Fairplay & Patrick McAffee looks sum up the weeks hard work.
It was an amazing week of transferring knowledge in stone to students, to faculty, and to the broader community that participated. This was my 8th StoneFest to attend. The first one I attended lit my passion for a relationship with stone. No where else have I participated in any event that has a focus on one material from so many different points of reference.

Stone & letter carving....with Karin Sprague & Tracy Mahaffey

Stone & Water with Scott Hackney
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Stone & Architectural carving/Sculpture
with Nick Fairplay, Alexandra Morosco, Jon Decceles

Stone & Traditional masonry with Mike Schroder & Patrick McAffee

Stone & dry stone walling building a dry stone fence &
a dry stone retaining wall. Both are Irish walls...

Entering the inner circle....

The Clochan embraced with stone!

The dry stone retaining wall from last year with coping on the left,
and the dry stone fence on the right.

The view of the  dry stone fence, Clochan, and Ditch wall in the back.

So how does one not come away from a 5 day experience with all these unique projects and instructors totally inspired? For 9 years Marenakos has put this event on to help broaden peoples relationship to stone.

If you are curious about more details of this StoneFest, past StoneFest's, or the instructors....visit the link below.

I felt very lucky to be an instructor again and share in this journey.

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